We are developers. We love to code. There is no project too big, too small, too difficult.

We are technology agnostic. We have preferences; but, we code for all platforms, in all languages.

We do strategy. We do web. We do mobile. We do cloud. We do front-end development. We do web services.

We think strategically about your project from the get go, and we deliver on our commitments.


We join your team as your virtual CTO. We help develop a technology vision that aligns with your business goals and strategies. We help you choose the right platform(s), the right technologies and tools to help your business thrive.

Web Applications

Whether your needs are for a basic CMS (Content Management System) based website, a rich internet application, an ecommerce site, an enterprise portal, web-based software application, or a web-based back-end solution for your mobile applications, VIC Technologies has the talent and experience to deliver.


The world has gone mobile. There are 5.3 Billion mobile users worldwide. In the US, 25% of mobile web site visitors are mobile ONLY, that means they do only browse the web via their mobile device.
Does your website/application support mobile users?
Or better yet, is there an app for that?